Bongacoins are digital assets designed to provide investment opportunities with the world’s first paradigm, Reward Point backed-up cryptocurrency that cannot be destroyed, counterfeited or hacked, making them ideal for protecting objects of value like currency, information, property or important digital data. It may be employed both as a means of settlement and a means of saving.

How to exchange your Bonga Points for Bongacoin

Exchanging your Bonga Points for Bongacoin is simple. All you need is to open online wallet where your Bongacoin will be sent then send bonga points to phone number provided at online wallet dashboard and Your Bongacoin will be sent to your online wallet immediately.

Register for a web Wallet:

To open Bongacoin Online wallet you need to send Ksh200 to Till No:xxxxxx the system will automatically create online wallet for you. You will then receive confirmation message providing you with a username, which is your phone number and a 5 digit Password.
Congratulations! You have now successfully created a Bongacoin online wallet.
From now on, whenever you need to access your wallet, you will access and enter your username and password to login.

Send Bonga Points:

In order to Exchange Bonga points to Bongacoins, you need a Bongacoin Online wallet. if you don’t have, Register by following the procedures outlined above.
Visit and use your username & Password to access your Bongacoin online wallet.

Transfer Bonga Points to Phone Number (Provided at online wallet dashboard) and Your Bongacoin will be sent to your online wallet address Immediately.

Get Bongacoin to a Wallet:

Your Bongcoin will be sent to an Bongacoin online wallet.
After you receive your Bongacoin in your online wallet address make sure to transfer these to a more secure Local Wallet you Control. We recommend using a local wallet to store your coins instead of an online wallet for security reasons.

The official Bongacoin Local wallet software is available for free on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. DOWNLOAD NOW