How to Mine Bongacoin - Installation and mining instruction

How to Mine Bongacoin – Installation and mining instruction

This is a guide to the downloading, installation, running and mining of Bongacoin on Windows and Linux.


To download the latest Bongacoin client, go to our wallet Download Page.

If you are Windows, download the win32 setup executable.
If you are on a Linux-based distribution, download the linux .tar.gz. The Linux version does contain the source in the event you wish to compile.


To install Bongacoin on Windows, download the executable and run it.
To run Bongacoin, simply start the Windows client. If you’ve never run Bongacoin before, please allow it time to synchronize the blockchain. You will be able to tell when it has finished synchronizing when the client is no longer providing updates, such as “6 weeks”…”5 weeks”, etc. This does not indicate how long it will take, rather how much of the blockchain will be downloaded. The time it will take for it to synchronize depends on your Internet speeds.


Bongacoin or any other cryptocoin for instance comes with a client application for your OS, for example for Bongacoin it is Bongacoin-qt. Bongacoin provides qt application for Windows and Mac OSX, Linux users can compile the application from the github source code. The Bongacoin-qt application is not only useful for doing transactions but it can also be used for mining Bongacoins.

How to solo mine with Bongacoin-qt

Bongacoin CPU Mining GuideFor solo mining download the Bongacoin qt wallet (Windows, Mac OS, source).

Click ‘Help -> Debug window’. Then click ‘Console’ tab.

How to Mine Bongacoin - Installation and mining instruction

In the command line at the bottom type setgenerate true -1 to use all CPU cores and click enter. This command starts the inbuilt mining software. Congratulations you are now part of the Bongacoin network and mining. If you want to turn generation off you can use: setgenerate false

How to Mine Bongacoin - Installation and mining instruction

Important safety note. DO NOT enter commands into the console that you get off the internet, forums or other third party personnel. We only recommend 4 basic safe commands:

set generate true = this starts mining

setgenerate false = this stops mining

getinfo = this shows general wallet info

getmininginfo = this shows general mining info

The “getmininginfo” command also shows some useful information, for example you can see number of blocks already mined, difficulty, and networkhash rate (networkhashps).

You are now generating. Transactions will appear in the Overview window. When you get paid for generating it will appear as an incoming transaction.

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